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rb88瑞博:才华论坛第43期——特邀英国雷丁大学Franti?ek Hartl教授来校作学术报告


才华论坛43期——特邀英国雷丁大学Franti?ek Hartl教授来校作学术报告

报告题目:Photo-assisted electrochemistry and redox controlled photochemistry

报 告 人:Franti?ek Hartl  教授

主 持 人:陶  涛  教授



专家简介:Professor Franti?ek Hartl obtained his Ph.D. in 1992 from the Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry in Prague, Czech Academy of Science. He was a lecturer in photochemistry, electrochemistry, and homogeneous catalysis at the University of Amsterdam (1992–2008) before he moved to the University of Reading in 2009 and was appointed Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. His research focus is in the field of spectroelectrochemistry, redox catalysis, and photoinduced electron and energy transfer. Specific topics include: spectroelectrochemistry in ionic liquids, redox-active metallaaromatic complexes, molecular wires and switches, photo-assisted redox catalysis, and infrared labels for electron transfer in biological systems. He has founded the Spectroelectrochemistry Reading startup company introducing spectroelectrochemistry into diverse realms of chemistry research, currently focusing on time-resolved IR laser spectroscopy.



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